Sabah Fest 2018 - Solungkoi

"Sabah Fest 2018 is a celebration of Sabah's rich and diverse cultures through musical theatre and exhibition under one roof.  It happens annually in the month of May and will kick start the Ka'amatan (Harvest Festival) month with stage performance of Solungkoi on all three nights.  This event is brought to the public by Sabah Tourism Board and is organised by its wholly-owned subsidiary, Sri Pelancongan Sabah Sdn Bhd."

This is the best performance I have ever saw since they started this a few years ago. I hope you will not miss this next year. It gets better each year.

This year they have participating food trucks at JKKN Sabah to look forward namelly Hyatt Regency Kinabalu, Shawarma Kebab, Hunger Lane,  Dapur Mummy, Astie MFT, Madinah ENT, 70s Street Kitchen and HM Store.

Normally, tickets are available at the entrance too the auditorium too.  Don't miss them out!

Tickets for "Sabah Fest 2018 - Solungkoi" was sold at RM50.  Show started at 8:00 PM till Sunday.  For more information, please contact Francesca Lydia Chipli, Sri Pelancongan Sabah Sdn Bhd at 088-232121 or email to

For more information and stay update at Sabah Tourism Board website and SMB Magazine.

New Maggi Pedas Giler is here for Kaamatan!

Maggi has always been in my childhood memory. Last weekend, Maggi launch their biggest promotion ‘Peraduan MAGGI® Jom Masak & Menang BESAR’ commences from 1st May 2018 to 30th June 2018 at Centre Point Sabah here.

Grand Prize of an Isuzu D-Max Z-Prestige; RM8,000 worth of kitchen appliances and electronic gadgets as weekly prizes; RM100 bonus cash prizes for every 1000th qualified entry!

Following the excitement and response to last year’s ‘Jom Masak & Menang’ contest, MAGGI® wants to reward its loyal Sabah consumers with an even bigger ‘Jom Masak & Menang Besar’ contest during this Hari Kaamatan Festival.

The event was attended by Puan Suzaini on behalf of Datu Sabdin Gani, General Manager of Sabah Tourism Board. The launch also kicked off a roadshow, which included a cooking demonstration by MAGGI®’s Chef Muluk.

“Hari Kaamatan is a cultural festival of great significance, and is one which celebrates unity and thankfulness. MAGGI® is proud to help our consumers and be part of their journey in preparing tasty and balanced homemade meals for the festive season,” said Mr. Quek Teng Hiong, Nestlé Sabah Branch Manager, speaking at the launch event.

Signing up for the ‘MAGGI® Jom Masak & Menang Besar’ contest is as easy as 1-2-3. All you need to do is to buy participating MAGGI products, collect the packaging as proof of purchase (POP), answer two (2) easy questions and submit your form. Participants can either send in their entries to the address on the packaging or drop the entry form together with the POP into the collection box at selected outlets.

Hello Stranger Cafe at The Walk, Riverson

Hello There! I am cleaning off the dust from my blog and eagering wanted to share this you!

Early this month, my bloggers group of friends went accepted a food review at Hello Stranger Cafe
at The Walk, Riverson.  Thanks to Beverly for making the arrangement for us hungry bunch!
Hello Stranger Cafe is located at the Ground level right at The Walk Riverson.
(Beside KK Times Square)

Photo Credit to Beverly

Didn’t know what to expect, I was surprise they serve delicious Vietnamese inspire fusion food there.
The cafe also served Asian and Western food too to cater to different taste palette.

A look inside the cafe menu

This place serves no pork and no alcoholic drinks.

Now with the food! :D

Starting with their Signature Dish - Grilled Chicken Lemongrass Bánh mì (My Favourite!)

This Big Breakfast portion is huge! Sure to satisfied any picky morning eater!

This is my 2nd favourite!

I love the chicken in this dish! :D

I always love a good mushroom with cheese sandwich! You can never miss this!

Last but certainly not bad, I love this Eggs with Salmon dish. Served with all my favourite Caffe Mocha!

Life is not complete without cakes! That Prestige cake is my favourite here!

OMG! Look what I stumble upon! Such cute kitty cat plate! LOVE!

A look around, you will find this shelf with books and something to shoot your favourite photo angle
with :D

Cafe Information:
Visit their IG Page and FB to get more updates!

Thank you to the owner for serving us such delicious food! :D

Anchor Say Cheese

Do you remember the last time you had that feeling of First Love? Yup, that one with the lovey dovey feeling.

Anchor under the division of Fonterra Brands is launching another “Anchor Say Cheese” campaign again this year. Last year, the response to their Japanese-inspired theme was so successful that this year they change it up a bit with a European-inspired theme.

You can now expect the new range of desserts at Port View Euro Bakery at Damai Plaza, Kota Kinabalu.

The desserts include Almond Rose, a nutty almond butter sponge cake with a rich layer of cream cheese! OMG! I absolutely love THIS ONE! Cheezie, cream cheese sandwich between two slices of decadent chocolate brownies and topped with chopped walnuts; First Love, a sweet bread with a brown sugar cream cheese in the center sprinkled with brown sugar for that added crunch, guaranteeing love at first bite and Lady Marmalade, a sweet bread with an orange cream cheese filling topped with orange candied peel.

Woah! With all these crazy yummy dessert, I am so happy they invite me and a bunch of blogger to sample these delicious babies! Their timing coincides with the start of festivities in Malaysia with the Hari Raya mood still in the air and the celebratory spirit bringing people together. Their theme for this year is “Connecting with Loved Ones” and what better way to spend time people we love most and sweeten the celebration with some delicious desserts!

From now till December 2016, you will also receive the limited edition Anchor spoon (heart-shaped handle) with every purchase of two boxes of Anchor’s signature desserts. The pricing for the bread selection is RM2.80 per piece and cake selection is available from RM6.00 per piece.

The Anchor spoon is so CUTE!! Thanks to Anchor for the desserts too! :D

IMAGO Shopping Mall Returns with a Larger and Spookier Haunted Prison!

If you know me well enough, you will definitely know I am a sucker for ghost houses and stories!

Imago Shopping Mall has again produced a series of events for its patrons this Halloween. Themed as The Reformatory, this is the second time Imago has produced such an event after the success of last year’s event, The Infirmary, that saw long queues, from the centre court to almost the main entrance, waiting to enter the haunted house. I WANT TO ENTER! :D

THE REFORMATARY carries a reputation for its highly guarded and strict security system, but in reality it carries hidden secrets buried within its walls. In the end no one knows what had happened inside the prison. Are the prisoners still alive? Dead? What is the evil that lurks within its walls? Are you ready to face the fear? Do you want to be the first to experience THE REFORMATORY and find out what lies beneath?! Bring it!!!

You can tune in to hitz fm Sabah, ERA fm Sabah and MYFM Sabah from 17 – 21 October to win passes to THE REFORMATORY. Wait for the cue to call and you must be the first caller through. The participant to say “THE REFORMATORY at Imago” in the scariest way will stand the chance to win. That’s not the end of the contest. You must also end with an evil laugh! So, make sure you have your phone and throat cleared up to call and scream like hell!

With last year, I had a blast with Imago and I can't wait to enter this latest creation! If you will excuse me, I have a date with Prisoners with a bunch of friends :p

For more info, visit or log on to Imago Shopping Mall Facebook page.

Top 10 Things I Want For Ramadhan

Have you got your stuff ready for Hari Raya? Wondering where to shop for cheap during this festive season? I know alot of my friends always got their stuff thru online shopping which is a big trend nowadays. Its easy to find something online and get what you want easier when the item is not always available at your local store.

The option are endless too. I love looking at online store like Lazada where they have a wide variety to choose from. Surely, you ladies out there would be getting your egg mask to boast up your face and prepared for this festive season. 

For myself, I have always wanted a Nexus phone. Why you ask? Because it's the phone to have and it's the real phone from Google alright! You can't go wrong with it. 

What about for music lovers? I love the piano especially! I can't afford the grand piano though but a good electronic keyboard can be more affordable. 

Is anyone here into coloring?? I know am I..hahaha! You could start off with these beautiful Faber-Castell if you are unsure which color pencils to get. I have a 72 pc of Colleen Neon color pencils but these Faber-Castell are the king of pencil I should say. 

If you know me well, you will be aware that I don't use a windows machine for myself, which is why a true Ubuntu machine is in my dream list 

Next up! A DSLR has always been in list but it is freaking expensive alright. 

Since it is Raya season, this view of kuih raya really excited me. Anyone wanna invite me for a kuih feast?? :D

Ketupat has been always associate to Hari Raya to me. They are delicious eaten together with sambals, beef rendang and all the spicy sauce I can imagine.

As weird as it sounds, I wish I can attend a Moroccan Ramadan feast. I am always fascinated with their dishes which they serve during their festive season.

Everyone loves a gift basket, including myself! I really love digging into the mystery of a load full of goodies!

What about you? What are your Top 10 things you want this festive Ramadhan season? Cheers!


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