GPS for your or "my" Car

You got any idea how to keep track of your car while it is left unattended or MIA? What are the insurance company or commercial service provider offers can cost me up to RM2,000+ just to install them! That is not including the monthly subscription! Geez! Anyone got a luxury car maybe would buy their offers or services. WHAT about the rest of us here? Not all of us drive a Benz, Prado or Ninja around. The answer is self invented GPS. More like a little help from your Handphone service provider. Can anyone guess what is it?? Lousy guess also can? Got it? Ok Ok! "DRUM ROLL PLEASE" ahem...ahem... Ever heard of Friend Finder or Travel Buddy? QUICK go browse their website now and get your car protected! WOW! erm, actually the GPS not that accurate as I tested it because it would work "better" in urban area. Might not work that "well" in suburban. Heck! better than "zero" GPS protection right? That is only for comforting myself. It would do at the time being until I drive a "Camry"....

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