Starting a New Thing

No guys allowed! You still here? Go play your PSP ok. Good boy. hehehe! Don't tell me I didnt warn you about this posting. Ok, girls girls girls come look at this. Today I just got this stuff from my distributor. Its the F-Cup Cookie from Japan that I have been talking about a few days ago. According to the attach instructions, I have to consume these cookies during heat term (hypsithermal) about for 14 days after your menstruation day. Each box content 30 bars.

It also said just to eat two cookies with PLENTY of water and BITE slowly. Ok, I am going to be a damn water tank. dem!t! Yes, I know drinking plenty of water is good for the body. I have arrange a eating plan for the next 3-4 months around eating more healthy food and eating this F-Cup Cookie. I need to bring my weight down to an ideal level while enhancing my "Cup" size. The cookies is just the right stuff for this purpose. My target is before my birthday next year, which is quite soon. The cookies are quite small in size, I am a bit disappointed. Well, I think because the ingredients are quite concentrated in each bar. I want my weight this time to stay healthy "longer", "sigh".


josie said...

that looks yummy...

Margaret said...

aiks..temptation so soon kah?....hehe


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