How do I feel?

Once in a while, some friends ask me how do I feel when there is a “holiday”, “how am I doing” or just plain “how was your day”. Well, always the same ol’ same ol’ slang coming up each time when you saw someone or greet your friends. However, I bump into someone on a public chat today, he is quite a funny guy actually. I know him some times ago, while surfing the net. The funny thing is he actually never gave up on being my friend even thought I used to “curse”, “tease” and “torture” him one way or another. He is still around hanging on listening to my every cry, pain, nonsense babble or just plain making him uncomfortable. Yes, I might be cruel to treat him like that. Well, the thing is I am just god damn boring and nothing seems to excite me nowadays. Maybe the age factor is catching up with me?

I am not a bad person, just want to find something to keep my mind occupied for a while. Perhaps writing here sometimes does make my mind excited in some way. I have a few thought in my mind that I rather not share with anyone or perhaps with the right person I might. Sometimes the things I think about may not reflect well on other people thoughts and opinion. Some maybe find it disturbing or rather exciting. Well, I might reflect my thoughts with that funny guy I know, as he is my friend. I somehow feel a connection there but still don’t know what it is. I also have quite a number of friends that I sometimes talk to, but one of them I find more interesting. Seems to sms or message me whenever he got the chance. I am a mind person, I think alot about a lot of things at different times. Hope my wishes comes true for good this time.

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