I need a new Camera

This is my old faithful.

This is the Kodak camera I am eyeing right now!

Last friday, my long time Sony Cybershot DSC-S40 LCD went WHITE! I mean totally went blank white but still can be used as a optical digital camera, no preview or delete any unwanted photo after taking shoots. I am now eyeing on the entry level Kodak Easyshare C613 in Lelong. Yeah, I know Sony is better but its too expensive for my current budget. The current entry level Sony Cybershot is over RM400+. Wish me luck on the Lelong's Kodak Camera bidding! ;)

Updated PS:
I change my mind about this Kodak Camera, don't ever buy or ever consider because I just a had painfull experience with Kodak camera. Seems after searching for answer over the net regarding this model/brand, please stick to Sony/Fuji/Canon. You will have less pain and regret. No fun at all! Period!

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