Sinfully yours

Had my tiramisu cake just now, baked and make at home. It’s filled with creams, orange slice and a thin layer cake in the middle. No, I didn’t make it but rather it was my fantastic mother. She knows a lot about cooking and baking. Well, guess you know now how I got my waistline. I am a spoiled brat with delicious food. Guess the cake has more willpower to go into my mouth. Well, I don’t eat like this everyday, when I am outside at work I always eat a moderate amount of food. Sometimes, a couple of apples or two piece of Jacob cracker will do. If I am bored with those things I may head down to get a row of sushi from the Japanese outlet. If I want to skip those, maybe just a packet of noodles or just bring something from home to eat. I always eat a variety of food. Once a week my routine food would be the ultimate sinfully yours food “Dim Sum” on Sunday morning. I can never get bored eating dim sum. In Chinese, the word dim sum sounds like “picking hearts”? Yeah, I guess the dim sum really pick my heart, no cure around this, hehe.

Yesterday, I have tried eating at Wagamama Restaurant in KAC. WOW! I never had such a fantastic meal in a Japanese restaurant before. Really, I had the best Salmon Teppanyaki Rice and a few plates of sushi. Satisfied to the end of my taste buds. Ok, I got snap this out from my head of eating too much food. I am having a battle between my brain and my stomach at the same time. Sore throat still here but better since. Cheers!

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