My Luck & Remedies In The Year Of The EARTH OX 2009

I have always been fascinated with Feng Shui practise. I got my hand on this and post it up here for my future reference.

The Dragon benefits from Tai Sui’s support but suffers minor health and relationship problems. This is a good year to implement investment opportunities. Success luck is strong but you must not be arrogant or you will attract the attention of people who are jealous of your success. Carry the Friendship Amulet and Grand Duke Amulet for protection. Display the White Dzambhala and Power Qi Lin Talisman on your desk to ensure things go smoothly at work. As you posses the star of big opportunity, enhance it by displaying a 9 Tier Water Feature in the Southeast of your living room. Your spirit essence is low, so wear protective mantras such as the Empowerment Ring or Mantra Ring. Display the Samantabhadra Buddha in your living room for all round good luck. Place an 8 Immortal Wu Luo beside your bed for good health luck this year.

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