A Not So Good Moment

On Friday night I went to see the doctor to get my flu and sore throat medicine. As usual the normal practice as always would be checking blood pressure, hearts and breathing. Ask me a few questions and told me my blood pressure is a bit high. He said to me to get some exercise. Thinking on my own really I hate exercise maybe just go swimming because I hate sweating too much. Then again I really have to loss weight to control my blood pressure. Still have a bit of sore throat but getting better. My mother also have this kind of things, she has high blood pressure, hypertension & high blood sugar. I am the kind who cannot eat the average diet because I eat a bit and gain weight easily. I was in my ideal weight years ago but gain it thru the years. I dont think I eat too much, maybe just the occasional snack during weekend. On weekday I just eat the usual meals. I tried to cut down my food intake these days. Thinking maybe going vegetarian but I am a meat lover so its out of the question. Have to think of a way to loss weight. ;-(

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