I got it right now and its works!

See this menu....and try guess the Main Important Nutrient in them

- Hard boiled Eggs with Olive Oil, Black Pepper Sprinkles and some chilly sauce
-Scramble Eggs with Pork Cubes and Cheese Sprinkles

-Hard boiled Eggs with Tuna in Mayonnaise/Sunflower Oil and some Worcestershire Sauce
-Tuna/Salmon in Sunflower Oils with Lady Fingers with Worcestershire Sauce

-Tofu with Beef Cubes, Parsley, Scramble Eggs in Worcestershire Sauce and Mozzarella Cheese
-Vegetable Salad (Cucumber, Chicken feet slices, Some French Dressing, Olive Oils, Tomato Slices, Cabbage Slices, Slice Mushrooms)

Snacks (any 1 Choice)
-Hard boiled Eggs with Black Pepper Sprinkles
-Plain Sunflower Seeds
-Cheese Stick
-Sugar Free Yogurt with Flax Seeds
-Smoked Salmon in cucumber slice

These are some of the foods I have been eating this past 6 days and already lost 5kg..! Yes, no kidding! LOL!

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