Love is blind

Many-many years ago I know this guy friend and went out with him. We have drinks, chat and have been together for a short time only. At that time I was still very much younger and was pretty much like him alot. What change my mind at that time not to pursue the relationship is he is not staying nearby. (in fact he is too far away). In the few years he keep looking me up everywhere he can find to contact me. I change telephone numbers, I was practically "hunt" down by him thru the net. He managed to get my new number after endless time of him asking/begging me. He was still overseas when I got my new boyfriend. He didn't give-up his constant act of keeping in touch with me. (even though it was once a while). He would surely try his every way to talk to me whether it is for empty chats or just saying "hello". At few times I simply ignore his calls, sms or even MSN messages. A few years more past, he is still around trying to keep in touch with me right until the time I was no longer in a relationship. (thats a different story). Well, after that he call me one day saying he is posted back home near me, which was pretty good news. Yes, in my heart I wish I can trust him that he would stay here forever, but I was still in doubt. Yeah, I have a hard time trusting people. Its really does take time (really long) for me to trust someone. A couple more years pass since he was back here, he stills keep in constant contact with me. Every once a while he calls me wishing me happy holidays or whatever the occasion at that moment, but I never went out with him (because I was still scared). Stupid right? Seems silly enough. He was also constantly busy with his work most of the time anyway but still managed to keep his distance close and keep in touch with me.

Now, recently he calls me again after the new year wishing me season greetings. I answer his call and chat for a while on the phone. He told me that he wanted something different in his life this year by making more contacts. I was surprised to hear his comments. A few weeks after his call, I decide to check out/verify his intention. I contacted him at one morning and ask him why he has not ask me out yet. Expecting a non-answer/ignore, instead I got a surprise answer from him that he will take me out at that very evening. He keep his words and pick me up from home. My doubt at that evening has magically disappear and really think I can trust him enough. We talk so much until way pass midnite until he send me home. (still talking way pass the odd hours when reaches my house). This is totally something I wanted in a relationship. I can talk to him about alot of things without feeling reserve. Yes, I admit it that I can trust his intention now towards me. He pour out his heart to me that evening and I was so touch, felt like heaven just send a cupid over and bring him to me.

Now, I just have to figure out whether the arrow shot at me is not a fake arrow. Yeah! I am pretty hard to pin down and especially matter refers to the heart. But surely I will spare the chance and try to work it out this time around. I really really like him anyway, someone I can talk to alot and thats a rare gem in my heart.

ps: Yes, he kissed me already three times. thats all at the moment. LOL! Oh ya, today is my birthday, surprised! He wishes me Happy Birthday after I told him about it. LOL. But he is outstation and onlybe back tomorrow, hopefully!

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