Trying to keep it in a positive note

It has been 4-5 days since I see him, sms him on Friday but he said still not back yet in KK. I tried contact him today but no reply and phone was off when I tried to call him. What does this means? Why is he make it so confusing? Is he ok or something happen? I am going crazy over this and I don't want to be like this. He did told me that day that he is busy with his work and said its not because not replying or calling me. Now, I have think about it. He is not really into me is it or something else? I mean cannot be right? Just a reply sms or short call wont make his life a living hell when I tried to contact him? Isn't that a normal reaction if you really care about someone?

Update: Happy! Happy! I got his reply sms just now, he said got some technical problem there and his line not so good there and somemore he has to stay there for 2 weeks. Aya! 2 weeks!?!? *sob*sob*sob* ..... -_-""

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