Supplements for my Health

Been doing some research on low carbs diet online, reading some books and found some supplements to assist my body to loss more weight safer. I found one of the supplements is selling in town. Its L-Carnitine by the way. The label says it a chemical structure similar to amino acids but it is actually a substance related to the B-Vitamins. Its main function in the body is to help transport long-chain fatty acids, into the cells to burn.

Basically it takes the stored fats and move them to cell, so that my body can burn the fats more effectively. It comes highly recommended for my low-carbs diet. If you want to find this kind of supplements, please make sure you read the label and it does not contain any sugar, starch, yeast, wheat or corn. For the time being, I am taking this supplements and would be aspecting a good result very soon.

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