Mineral Makeup Part 2

I got myself more sample products from Loving Minerals. I cant help it! The Lumiere's Cashmere foundation does wonders for my oily and ache-prone skin. They feel so light and I don't feel having any makeup on my face. I also tested the eyeshadow and they are really great too. I use eyeshadow from many different brands but I alway get the red-eye treatment at the end of the day. The Lumiere eyeshadow doesnt do that to my sensitive eyes. Yeah!

YOU know what? I also found my long-lost blusher colour with Lumiere Blusher too after I bought another branded blusher a few years ago which was way too expensive. Now I can enjoy the same colour with skin-friendly makeup! Anyone have sensitive skin and sensitive eyes can go try Minerals Makeup from Loving Minerals. I wish I have found them sooner because I really have found my perfect product for my skin.

More sample sets of foundations, blusher and eyeshadow.

I also got this Kabuki brush. I have never bought a brush so soft as this one before!

The brush is really dense too! Perfect for my Mineral Foundations

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