Mineral Makeup Part 3

I am obsessed with mineral makeup lately! I finally got myself the full size makeup jars from Loving Minerals. I think the Lumiere range is totally the greatest of all and better still no expiry date! Yes, you read me right….no expiry date (as long you take care of your minerals like no contact with liquids/waters). I also got more eyeshadow sample to try those juicy colours. I am in love with “Wicked”, “Dirty Blonde” and “Silver Shimmer”. They are my everyday colours now.

I am not yet totally an official mineral makeup user yet, as I am still trying to use the minerals as eyeliner. I got some tips on a minerals makeup blogs on applying minerals as eyeliner. I have to sit down these days and do some experiment until I get the trick. The writer/mineral makeup user writes than would need to use water/mixer mix-in with some minerals while using a thin/flat eye brush to do lining. Hmmm, kind of tricky….let see how my experiment goes then. Stay tune for my next update ya. Conventional expensive branded makeup are SO last century. I believe healthy makeup make healthy skin. Those current normal makeup we all are using contains harmful chemical to the skin. At the meantime, if anyone wants to share their experience or any useful tips, please leave your comments and let other people know. Cheers! :)

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