New Beauty Trend

I found this articles on ivillage talking about the trend of Mineral Makeup. Here is the link "Why Everyone Loves Mineral Makeup". I totally agree with the author of the phrase "The old makeup phrase "putting on your face" may soon be obsolete".

While looking around for more mineral makeup on the web, I found this fantastic kit!! OMG!! I want! I want!! Its the "Mineral Makeup Kits: Neutrals and Metallics" kit. Basically it teaches you how to MAKE your own custom mineral colours. See how I highlight the word "make"? Yes! its the make your very own mineral kit lah. WOW!! I feel like dreaming in heaven or something. Its for professional or hobbyist too. So new trend kind of makeup, make me feeling like just coming out from last century. ;p

ps. Anyone want to share experience using mineral makeup or become partners in Mineral Makeup Business?
Email me @ m c s j 0 0 7 @ y a h o o . c o m (leave out the spaces) Cheers! ;)

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