Scam Contest Prizes

Want to see some scam contest prizes? Here it is…. “The Royal Selangor Contest”. I entered this contest recently and won these stupid vouchers. Can you see the terms on the vouchers? How stupid are they? I mean come on lah, the terms organizing a contest is to give out prizes (in a sense should be “FREE”!). These vouchers term stated I have to buy anything more than RM100 and ONLY qualified to redeem 1 piece voucher?! OMG!! I won these vouchers but I still have to pay to get my prize? I was given 5 pieces of vouchers, so I have to spend more then RM500 in 1 month in order for me to utilize all 5 pieces? I am no fool lah. I join so many-many contest before this and I never heard I have to PAY so much money for me to get the prize. If the prize is a goddamn Toyota Vios, maybe nevermind lah I pay the insurance and road tax but of course I wont have to pay for deposit and downpayment to get the car isn’t it??

Eventhough lah, I am KK resident. I wont go to 1Borneo every weekend. Who does? Maybe those people working or living nearby. I mean how many percentage of KK resident live nearby 1Borneo? So goddamn far away, still want me to pay for my prize? Maybe I pay RM10 to get a RM100 value prize is more sensible. Beware of scam contest out there. Have a nice day.

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