Asia Pacific Blog Awards

Hi Everyone, if you can spare a little time to nominate my blog shop, I would be ever grateful and if I win this awards in the Asia Pacific Blog Awards in Singapore I would announce each names who nominate me in my blogshop entry. Please send me a email to confirm your nomination for my blogshop. For my blogshop members a very special incentive awaits you too if you nominate my blogshop. I really really want to win this awards!!

Please state my blog name as "My Designer Handbag Club", blog shop at with email "mcsj007 at yahoo dot com"

Please go to this link to nominate my blogshop.

Please lend me your support for the Asia Pacific Blog Awards. Thank you so much and hope to win this awards for you all Sabahan! Let this be a blogshop proudly owned by Sabahan be seen at the Asia Pacific Blog Awards. Please please please vote me. ;)

UPDATE: Thank you so much to all my facebook friends and all who nominate my blogshop! Please dont forget to vote (if i am among the top nominees) for my blogshop after the nomination period on 16th September 2009. I really want to win the Blogshop Award. I will publish all names (with your consent of coz) on my blogshop entry when I win it this October. Cheers!

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