Which Mooncake have you tried?

Have you brought your mooncake for this festive season yet? Well, I have got myself on the Starbuck mooncake at City Mall last week.

I was really excited to try them out and here is my view the two flavours I brought.

They gave me nice paper bag for my mooncake purchase. Pretty!

The Two Mooncake box looks pretty too (can even use it to put my stuff later! LOL)

These are the two mooncake inside. Tiramisu (Dark) and Berries Cheese (Light Brown)

Berries Cheese - Quite Moist, not too sweet and just nice.

Tiramisu - A bit dry inside, not too sweet and just the same as nice.

There you go! Don't take my view on these mooncake because my taste choices is different and may not be the same as yours though. So, feel free to try them out. Anyone tried the other two flavours yet? Mind sharing what you think? Have a Happy Merdeka Day! Cheers!

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