Bon Voyage Doulos

On Sunday the last day MV Doulos docks here before she sails off to Pasir Gudang. I got myself some souvenirs as memories of this magnificent ship.

The first time ever she docks here was in 1987, if not mistaken. Back then, she was my favorite floating bookstore in the whole World! Since my favorite place is always a place with lots of books, soon new bookstores around town being popping up, they become my new hangout place for my thirst for knowledge. MV Doulos would be in my memories forever as a new ship would replace her next October 2010. A new chapter would be begin as GBA serves the world with new hope and dreams. I wonder what would the new ship's name be? MV Doulos II? I will have to wait and see though. Have a nice day!

ps: I found this Doulos's Volunteer blog, really interesting to read about this person life on the ship. Please look up for brummie@sea on my blog list sidebar. He has been a volunteer for 5 years now.

There are funny post too. :D

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