A Cup of Coffee

Since I have been on this special diet, I cannot simply take coffee (like "nescafe)" as my morning drink.

Had to resort to drinking Green Tea only....I mean its a healthy choice, but I kinda get so bored lah! I tried looking for any alternative drinks at the supermarket and guess what I found? This Sugar Free, Naturally Decaffeinated with 2g CARBS ONLY MOCHA! Geez...I sounds like a crazy women found gold instead...LOL! Ermmm, its kinda pricey BUT since I wont be drinking other kinds of coffee so I think its a worth buy. Not because I have alot money but because its a health and diet issue lah. Health comes with a price and so is Beauty...LOL!

I am gonna tried this in the morning and see how does it taste. You will have to stay tune for my next update for that! Cheers!

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