Don't throw your rubbish out from Car Windows!

Why people nowadays still throwing rubbish out from car windows? They cannot wait until they reach their destination and find a suitable rubbish bin?

I mean come on! Why so lazy to take your own rubbish and put it somewhere suitable instead of throwing it out as if the whole goddamn city/road is your rubbish bin? You haven't hear of protecting the environment kah? Which century or which cave you just came out from? Geez..... Just the other day, I was driving home at night, this car just pull out from the shop parking space. Then a few seconds along the road, someone from inside the car throw a big plastic bag containing what the hell I dont know just from their car windows onto the road! Cannot properly prepare a temporary rubbish bin inside the car first kah? It totally shocked me and so disgusting to see such things when the government spend so much money just to clean up the goddamn road. Roadkill is nothing much we can do but throwing rubbish onto the road? We dont trash up our house and throw those rubbish into rubbish bin at home right? Next time please put your rubbish into the proper place. Not very hard right?

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