Hobbies will never be lost

Do you have a hobby that sticks with you eventhough time passed without you ever feeling its not boring at all? Well I have this small girly hobby that I thought I would never go back to and proudly I still like it very much "shame but proud of it" (actually its my hobby, no need to feel shame as long it makes me feel HAPPY!) LOL... Well, just recent days I have been getting a few pretty stickers set from my favourite bookstore.

It was suppose to be a normal visit to the bookstore to check out the new books there. Out of my curious interest to check out the new stickers nowadays, I purposely go have a look. You know back at the old days stickers was cheap and erm not so pretty as they make it now. I was like hipnotize or something (LOL!). In a few minutes, I took 1 set of pretty stickers and headed for the CASHIER counter already! hahaha!! After that, I have been going back and getting more sticker sets. They are so pretty lah, cannot help it. I like to "makeup" my stuff like diary, books and whatever I find boring, dull and stick some cute and pretty stickers on them. Feel very nice looking at such pretty and cute stickers on my stuff. I guess I still have my small girly heart deep inside me. Cheers!

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