It’s Krrunch Time, Get Playful!

Krrunch Time at HOME

Since the Raya holiday is over, I was planning something nice with my deary over the week. Instead he has to work, busy...busy.....So boring nothing to do. I am pretty all the movie CDs bought and got myself the limited edition Coca-Cola Glasses too (coming up in my next post, will show you the photos).

I decided to run down the supermarket and guess what I pick up? Pringles! Yes! I was craving for a Krrunch time at home watching TV. At home, I turn on the TV and guess what show came up? Its my much awaited show since last week. Its the "FASHION POLICE: THE 2009 PRIMETIME EMMY AWARDS". My amazing evening with Pringles just started!

My loyal companion for a boring evening!

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