Proven Method to Keep a Sore Throat and Cold at BAY!

How do you maintain your body so that you wont get a cold and sore throat? Well, there it is!

Its the Vitamin C combine with Acidophilus and Garlic Oil! Yes! This is proven method and I am the prove of this. Want to know why? Because I used to get non-stop colds and sore throat 1 year ago. I got fed-up with it, so I look up the net for the ultimate prevention to this goddamn virus. Whereas, the doctor's medicine of anti-biotic is very bad for your body system. I say here now, we need pro-biotic (the good bacteria) to fight to keep our intestine healthy. All you need is 3 type of natural remedies from the pharmacy.

1. Vitamin C (most definitely-at least 1000mg 1 tablet per day)
2. Acidophilus (the pro-biotic-1 capsule once a day)
3. Garlic Oil (the nature wonder remedy)
- if you don't have a cold yet (1 capsule 2 times a day)
- if you are having a cold (1 capsule 3 times a day)

If you are having a cold, IN THREE DAYS, your body will win over the virus and keep them at BAY. By the way, these supplements I recommend is all natural and do not need any doctor's advice. Any Doctor saying these do not help, well they don't know the whole truth yet. Want to know how I get these advice and from who? A Doctor too! No, not a local doctor. He is a well-known doctor in the United States. He believes in natural remedies that do no disrupt the body functions. If you are still in doubt, I challenged you to try it and see for yourself. May you have the good health you desire!

The Golden Capsule Nature Wonder Garlic Oil

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