Special Day

Well, today is officially 09.09.2009! Such a special day lah. Today is also mark the start of the chinese ghost festival right? Correct me if I am wrong. :p Got women pain again this morning, had to leave work......"sigh". Anyway, tomorrow is another new day.

Have you tried out the Tunetalk New Simpack? I got mine already and tried it out......Mmm....guess they are using Celcom line so the line has much better coverage. I tried out the Sim card on my old Nokia GSM phone and guess what pop out from the screen? The location of the nearest communication tower in my area. Hahaha! I thought only new phone have that, apparently my Nokia GSM phone does show it also woh. ;p Got free RM5 on the phone to use too! The features offer from Tunetalk is pretty basic like calls and sms only at the moment (no frills!). Anyone of you tried the call quality yet? Have a nice day, Cheers!

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