Time at a Fitness Centre

A famous fitness centre in Kota Kinabalu invite me for a complimentary trial 2 hours body treatment.

Got to their centre in the afternoon and was greeted by a pretty lady and proceed to give me consultation on the their recommendations and suitable body treatment for my body type. The place was kinda nice, cool and very clean. I just cant stand the COLD wrap lah! OMG! I ask them to take them off me as I was literally freezing. LOL! As for the other 3 treatment, I can say it was not bad lah, done it before at some other centre. Price wise, well not for people on a budget though. It would cost up to RM1,000 just for a simple package. They are selling products too and their minimum price range is above RM250.

As myself now currently on a weight loss program on my own, I would have to pass on this kinda things for now because they cost way too much. Their machines and products has international standards and that is fully understandable. But who want to spend so much money nowadays for such things? Better to take care ownself and eat the right the food to keep healthy. Have a great weekend! Cheers!

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