All Ready for SBG Halloween Night 2009

OMG~!!.....its finally coming this Saturday Nite!! LOL .....

I have prepared my costume way ahead .... around 1 to 6 months ago! Wah... I am super ready for the super fantastic fabulous Halloween Nite :D I did the thinking around 6 months ago when the SBG community given the hint it was gonna be on 31st October (Halloween Nite). I have never done or attend a Halloween Party before, so I was a bit nervous to choose the perfect costume. It was nerve racking! LOL Anyway, after I have done some research on the net about Halloween costume, search from Singapore (yes! until that far ok..) to local shops, hunting around for the perfect accessories and doing some mixing and matching. I have now finally got my costume ready! Yeaaahhh!! I think I have done it up to my best afford to replicated the look I saw from some high-end US Halloween online shop. They were very beautiful I must say but they are so expensive. I knew I got to look around myself locally for a cheaper alternative. Some accessories that I can't find so I have to sew them on my costume to make it work. I hope it good enough to win the Best Costume of the Nite! My costume is not that Grand anyway but I am proud of it as so much afford is put into it. Still, with or without prize...I am still happy and totally enjoying the experience of putting together my first Halloween Costume! If you are attending the event, see you there and say hello to me ok..?...Cheers! :D

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