Beautiful Twilight Journal

Guess what?? I bought these Twilight Journal Sets at my favourite bookstore the other day. I just can't let this one go. Its really a collectors item for Twilight fans!

It has 4 hard cover journal exactly like the novel cover from Twilight books. But no lines inside the books? Mmmm...kinda hard to write with no lines when I would be writing up & I dont think I would be writing on them at all....How much is the price you ask? Well, retail price is RM89.90! But if you have a popular membership card there is a 10% discount. Me? I only paid RM20.90! ;p How come I paid for it so cheap one you ask? Ermmm....becoz I got complimentary free vouchers *grins* Loving my Twilight Journal now! :D

So, if you wanna get these pretty journal, better hurry fast over before they are sold out! Cheers! :D

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