Sabahan Bloggers Gathering 2009 Part 2

Well, I finally settle my laptop problem.....well, you see I was struck by the messy Trojan horse just by getting comfortable with my favourite tv show online. I was offline like 2 days! Feels like 2 years..LOL~! so dramatic... ;p Warning! long entry ahead! Sorry if you been waiting for my SBG post so long. So, no time to waste and here it is.

Ok, here is my chance to tell my version of the SBG 2009 Halloween Gathering held at Imperial International Hotel on 31st October 2009 which is Halloween night. It was simply fabulous! As I have blog before about my Pirate costume of how I prepare my outfit and the works. Now is the rest of it about that night. As the night approach, I wonder how it would turn out that night. Could I be so shy that I would end-up sitting at the table the whole night long except for the buffet dinner? So many things run thru my mind that night.

After I got myself to the Dinner Party, I walk a bit across the room to find the perfect table overseeing the fantastic SBG stage. Didn’t see familiar faces yet though. After a short while, Lorna the Soulja Grrrl pop in my face! LOL! yo girl haven’t seen you for a while. I have known her for ages and it was heart-warming to see someone so familiar. As, the night gone thru a bit, waiting for the rest of the attendances, I find myself sweating a bit as the place was getting hot literally. So much for air-con and fans but still getting warmer. So, me & lorna decided to move to another table way up front literally way upfront until it was just a few feet away from the front door! LOL Yeah, but the loud speaker was there blasting with loud music but good music. Also the big COOL fan was just in front of us but it was good :)

Some of my table gangs..LOL

I was sitting there literally getting myself bored and stupid listening to music and watching people passing by. Walk around a bit to greet some familiar friends I have known thru their blogs. Namely Pai, Alicetine, Massy, Carol and few other people I have got to know for the first time at the gathering. Lorna looks a bit itchy to mingle-around so ask me if I wanted to join her. LOL! Hell-yeah girl! Count me in and we went around taking photos, having some laughs and I get to pass my "bloggers" cards to a few people there. The music from finger playing guitar Roger Wang was fabulous too! Get to take photos with him..yeah! Thanks Lorna…Couldn’t have got the chance to do it if you haven’t helped me too. Then there he is! The Mad-Hatter! OMG! His makeup is incredible! His costume and the works look almost so perfect for Hollywood! A lot of people think his costume and makeup was the best of the night.

OMG! Mad Hatter...with Lolita Girl ...LOL

As the night went by, foods were serving in buffet style (weird and scary food name choice! LOL). My plan for the buffet was strategically plan to a T.LOL! First, I line up for main course from the left side then half-way thru, I went back to my table to put down my food (I was holding a smaller plate). Then when I look at the queue, hell no I am not going back to that scary line. So, I decide to take another plate went straight to dessert section which was on the right side and it was literally empty. Those guys haven’t even finish taking their food from the main course. I got myself a handful of those yummy desserts and went back to my table. I went to the dessert section another round before the rest finally made it there. That’s a trick I learn about eating buffet style with a bunch of hungry people. LOL! So, after dinner Lorna and me went more photos taking sessions and it was fun Soulja Grrrl!

Roger Wang During one of his Performances

Got to take photo with him..yeah!

My Buffer Main Course and Dessert

I am ending this post by saying A Big Thank you to all who is so kind and friendly by letting me photo whoring with you. Congrats to the SBG community for making this so happening too! ;D. And Lorna, you know what to do when you are itchy for another mingling session and till the next SBG Gathering ya. Would be watching out for you mate..! Cheers! :D

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