All what I want and All I want to think

At this moment, I can think of nothing but my big holiday coming up in just a few days! Been planning for this trip all year long. Passport, visa, money, hostel booking, travel itinerary (All check!) and set to Goooooo!

I am so excited for this trip as this would be the second time I visit the same country since about four years ago. Any of you have plan a trip to overseas yet? Chinese New Year is coming soon, so I would be shopping for cloths, shoes and etc till I would literally DROP! I would be overseas on holiday for a good week. So many things to see, visit and eat! *Excited* I have done my final homework and the things I wanted to see, hear, smell, eat and touch (all five senses of coz babe!). Where am I going you ask? Wait till I am back then and let you have a peek at my favourite photo ok! Its going to be a great and fantastic holiday trip next week for me!

Have a Great Day ya! Cheers!

ps: hint: Destination: North, up, up!

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