Loving My Wish!

Just before CNY 2010, I got myself the first ever wish for the Brand New Year! It was a Friday before CNY eve.

I choose this model because I found myself like typing alot and constantly use my handphone to check everything! I mean literally everything when I am not at home. I got the nice bling-bling lanyard while I was in Shenzhen. (Perfect for my new baby!)

I love the Black Colour matching my black & light pink lanyard! Perfect!

The phone got lots of features like WIFI and push email which is just what I am looking for. Before I make the decision to go for E72, I opt for the BB9700, I was thinking how much would it cost and it was not what I was expecting. Now, I can go to any free WIFI outlet and access the Internet for FREE! :D

Cheers to everyone and I hope you get what you wish for this year! I am looking forward to fullfill the rest of my wishes this year!

Good luck to me and to you all!

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