Is Photography in my Blood?

When I was around 10 years old, I always get excited about my grandpa photos. You know like those beautiful black & white photos and thinking how he develops those classic photos in his darkroom. My grandpa was a really good photographer. He alway takes photos of my mum when she was young. My mum still keeps his equipment like those developing papers and old lenses. I never saw the camera he uses to take all those photos. Perhaps I was too young to understand or didn’t pay much attention, still I always felt a genuine connection with his beautiful photos.

I remember one day, I ask my mum to buy a box of new developing paper and the developing liquid from the photo shop to experiement with some shots on films. I even tried to create a darkroom at home! Crazy idea but I totally loved it! Mum told me to use low coloured lights in the darkroom. After it was done, the room looks like a makeshift darkroom! LOL! I did some experiement but it didn’t turn out what I expected. What would you expect? A 10 year developing some black & white photos into photo papers at home?? LOL!! I would have laugh at myself crazy!

After that time, I was like totally bump. You know lah, kids! LOL! I didn’t go try further or do other things with photography. As the years goes by, I forgot about it and my skill never really go beyond than just point & shoot cameras. In recent years, I started to see lots of photos taken by different people. It reminds me of my childhood craze which is photography! Sometimes I take good photos, sometime really bad ones without me realising it. Until someone saw it and make some comments on them. I am now currently using a cheap point & shoot camera for daily use. I took a lot of photos with it but the photo quality totally sucks and I end up trying to shoot the same thing like 10 times to find the perfect shoot! I also found myself knowing about photography without ever reading any materials about photography. Could it be that I have inherent my grandpa genes? However, I am getting myself a Prosumer Grade camera soon to upgrade my skills a bit before going for full SLR. I am still nervous in getting a SLR because I am afraid I can’t handle it and its expensive price range too! Until I played around with my new camera, I still got lots of things to learn about photography.

Cheers and Have nice week ahead!

My soon to be baby! LOL!

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