Celcom Xplay's DJ Fuzz Live In Kota Kinabalu

Thanks to Celcom XPlay! I was invited to BED, Waterfront on 12th June 2010 to watch DJ Fuzz play after winning the contest by the Organizer. I got Free Flow of Drinks the whole night. DJ Fuzz was amazing! It was surely rocking hot that night. Blasting all the way from around 10pm nonstop!

First it was DJ Xu and then DJ Fuzz took centre stage. Celcom's Blue Bear also make an appearance that night. Please enjoy the photos and videos below. =)

It was truly electric that night till some drunken girls decide to dance on the bar table. The bartender had to light up the table a bit but they still wont stop! That was my queue to go >.<"" Crazy I tell you man like becoming a strip club instead. Napa tidak buka baju terus girls? LOLX. All in all Thanks to Celcom Xplay for organizing this fantastic event! =)

Cheers and have nice Weekend!

PS: All my photos and videos in this post is recorded using Nikon Coolpix P100

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