Dragon Boat Race At Likas Bay

Last Sunday, 20th June 2010, I went for the final day sport event (The Dragon Boat Race at Likas Bay). The race started at 8am and I reach there around 7:45am. There was alot of people watching the bay already. I got my parking spot with no problem and headed for a nice spot along the beach and set up my tripod and camera. I should have bought some used newspaper or a mat as I was unable to sit down as the grass was wet from the rain the night before >.<" No choice but have to stand the whole time. These are some of the photos and videos I took during the race.

I pack up my stuff and left around 10am as the Sun was already blazzing too hot that time. However I got my photo shots, so that was fine =) This truly tested my skill on shooting fast motion sport action. Pheww!! Luckly I was please with some of the shoots. Thank Goodness!

Till my next post at another time. Cheers!

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