Miss Earth Sabah 2010 Finalist Dinner Session

Thanks to Dinoza & The Roof Restaurant, Imperial International Hotel for inviting me to their Dinner session with the Miss Earth Sabah 2010 Finalist on 15th June 2010.

I had such a great mingling session with the beauties! They are pretty much the Ordinary Sabahan Girls with extra-ordinary Hearts! They are not simply skin deep beauties but with the brain to match.

The Three Beauties at my Table, (from Left) Appey, Queennera & Jessie

The Official Choreographer

I was so LUCKY to sit at the same table with APPEY! She is my favourite! At first I didnt even recognize her because she had her hair tie-up until she told me! I was like "OMG! am I dreaming?" LOLX, in real person Appey is AN ANGEL and she looks like those BEAUTIFUL THAILAND GIRLS you watch on movies I TELL YOU! *On cloud 9* XD

Another beauty at my table is Queennera, she is currently a student studying Hotel Management (same with Appey). One day this girl could be operating her own Hotel. She is truly a Natural Sabahan Beauty.

Last but not least at my table is Jessie. Man, I tell you some day this GIRL is getting a Master In Art (MA) "the same rank as Ph.D" in the future. Talk about having brains and beauty! Here she is holding a green bag promoting awareness, Go Girl!

Photo taking session

Dinoza with our MC for the night

The Organiser: Junzuenn Basalan & Mandy Nandu
(Thanks for giving me the chance know those fabulous Girls!)

The girls have been working very hard and all their efforts in making a difference for Mother Earth will definitely create a higher awareness among Sabahan. They have all been carrying around a bio-degradable bag promoting "Say No to Plastic Bags". They also told me that being one of the Finalists was truly a lifetime experience. My dinner session with these beauties ended on a high note. So happy! One of them would be representing Sabah to the Miss Earth Malaysia 2010. I want to wish them all the best in the State Finals.

I would be happy if any of them can represent Sabah to the World! Do support them ya =)


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