All about EGO

Yes, that's right! This post is about the ugly side of Ego. What good does it brings you? Its not nice to treat ego as the your proud character. It will eat you alive and leave you with no hope or wishes. People will not see your ego as nice thing to have.

What century are we in which ego still a trend? Its not cool to be egoistic especially to people who cares about you. You can make priority but you should not show your ugly egoistic face to people who care about you. If you do that means you have no heart, no feelings, no compassion and any decent heart to show your sincerity.

This post is dedicated to those who have a huge ego that they cannot live a life with people who care about them and be ALONE. Instead they choice to live far away from home, friends and family. They choose to live lonely, miserable, egoistic, no future, no plans and push people away when things get tough. So tough, that they go hide like a mouse in a hole and dare not face people and when is challenged to defend themselves. These people wont be able to face reality and always live in fear because they think too many of a single step. One lousy step also they would think ONE HUNDRED MILLION times. For god sake, they cannot be relax of themselves, cannot be facing with challenged. They are the one who will jump ship if you put them in charges. Yes, thinking over something is good for decision making. Of course its good, however when you play people thoughts and strings them around is not. Trust is also another important issue for them. Their ego is so huge, other people cannot question them. Yes, you cannot criticised in whatever they think or do. Eventhough you care and is just plain concern about them. You can see them around you, they live alone, own space and own thoughts in their own world. I know a few of them, they live alone, miserable and lonely.

I just wish they got a reality mirror to show how ugly their life is.......For God Sake...

Get a LIFE will you....

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