A Walk to Remember

Last Saturday, I went for a photo shooting session with a dear friend at Magellan Sutera Harbour. Been eyeing and waiting for it almost 2 weeks before the plan turn out just PERFECT except for the rainy afternoon. Manage to get some pretty good shoots with the help of my dear friend. He teaches me alot on how to get a good picture. So far, its a walk to remember for me and I am still figuring out the next walk. These are the shoots I took which I think is pretty decent with pretty good feedback of cause. =)

Take me for drive will you?

A White Flower is the Purest

Standing here waiting and watching

You take the wheel and ride away

Life is with Curves, a nice background and perfect colours

Paint the Clouds with Watercolours and it becomes a perfect Picture

Watercolour Clouds can only be painted by a True Heart

Have a Great Week Ahead, Cheers!

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