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Its seems such a long ago I have updated my blog on the happenings around me. Since I have a heck alot to say these days, so on with it without any due delay.

First up is Twilight! Yes, you hear me right is the Movie. Well, not the movie exactly but I got myself those absolutely beautiful Limited Edition Twilight Diary! Wohoo! They are so nice "am on Cloud NINE". They are affordable in my case, so I got the diary for my collection.

The Cash Book and Diary

Inside the Diary

Close up on the Diary

Next up is those Super Duper COOL Canon Camera Lens Mug. When I saw them online, I was like "OMG!" @.@ Just got to have them! Its the actual size Canon Camera Lens alike Mugs. Enjoying my Ice Green Tea will never be the same again these days LOL! Wanna get the Super Size Canon Camera Lens Thermos very SOON.

The Box

The Mug

And recently, I have been a OPI fanatic fan. Hey Girls, Who doesn't know OPI?? Alot of OPI fans knows KK shops sells OPI at ridiculous high PRICE! So, I got Online start searching and found a reliable supplier which import OPI from USA. And the price you ask? Its half, nope three times lower than the local price! Quality? NO sweat girls :D I got myself started with 11 bottles of OPI currently and its gonna grow bigger very soon. Besides that, I got myself hook on Nail Stamping Art too. Anyone knows Konad? Its the Nail Stamping Art originated from Japan which took the World by storm. Its available in Malaysia but however KK shop does not sell the Original Nail Stamping Art sets. The only way to buy those set is thru online shopping and delivered from the Konad Malaysia shop in KL. Well, those stamping sets are not cheap too. Especially if you want to keep buying those Special Polish as they claim its much thicker and suitable for stamping. So I decided to crawl around KK shop looking for alternative. And you know what? I got the scraper, stamper and design plates for so MUCH LESS. The only problem is getting the suitable nail polish for the stamping purpose. I try out a few brands of nail polish and got a couple of pretty decent result I must say. Its was tried and errors experiment and I still need more practise to get the designs nicer. Check out my OPI and Nail Stamping Art experiment which was pretty much failed. LOL

From Top, Left to Right:
 The Colour to Watch, Yodel Me On My Cell,
I'll Take The Cake, Tutti Frutti Tonga, Got A Date To-Knight, Not So Bora Bora-ing Pink

From Left to Right:
I'll Take The Cake, Tutti Frutti Tonga, Clear Top Coat

Yodel Me On My Cell

Got A Date To-Knight

I'll Take The Cake

Suzi And the Lifeguard with Nail Stamping Art
 Other Polish in Collection: Alpine Snow, I Pink I Love You, Gitzerland

Until my next updated then. Have a nice week ahead! Cheers!

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