VIDEOS Raids B2.0 : Borneo Bloggers + New Media Dialogue

I guess alot of people has blog about this event with lots of wonderful photos. However, I have something even more to share with you guys. Yes! as the topic said, its VIDEOS! How cool is that? I was half shooting photos, recording the videos all the while focusing on the event. Talk about multitasking!

The Speakers

There are more photos and videos than these posted here. So, anyone hoping to join the next event perhaps next year, make sure you dont miss it or else you will regret it AGAIN. 

My Entry Tag :)

The event was supported by Borneo Colours, Sabahan Bloggers, Sarawak Bloggers and Beleter Community. Sponsored by Imperial International Hotel, Digi, Area 21 Paintball and Sam Tsui Club.

Our Digi Sponsor was there :)

The Grand Ballroom

The Stage Banner

My Coffee during one of the Breaks :)

Some of the Speakers

Some more Speakers

The Final Session Speakers

Warning: You might suffer nausea watching these videos (not pro taken thought) :p

Before the big day (29th October) was the B2.0 Preview: Dinner with Sabahan Bloggers on 28th October which I was invited to have a close-up chat with the speakers themselves. Pretty amazing I must say! After the Main event is the Borneo Bloggers Awards Announcement on 30th October at Sam Tsui Club which was also a Halloween Theme Night. An amazing Kalimantan dude takes the price home consist of RM10,000 in cash! All in all, I learn alot from the event and the wonderful speakers. Hoping there would be more such an event to come. Maybe next year with more and new topics perhaps? Its really something new and different for the first time in Sabah. I was hoping to win some fruits (Blackberry), but no luck lah. BTW, I also decided to wear my BLONDE wigs to the Halloween Theme Night which was soooo FUN I must say!

Friends from the Bloggers Awards Announcement at Sam Tsui Club 
Annie, Wyne, Nancy, Diana & Me

Eric presenting the cupcakes from Boutique Cupcakes with B2.0 designs! Yummy!

The Yummy Cupcakes! :)

Cupcakes UP CLOSE! So Delicious, ended up inside my stomach in less than 5 minutes! LOL

The Kalimantan Dude (shirt in Pink & Blue) walks away with the RM10,000 in Cash!

Thanks to Chegu Carol and her Husband Alvin for taking this fantastic photo! :)

Feel free to visit their sites or facebook pages above for further details regarding the event. Cheers!

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