Mobile World Congress 2012

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Yeah, yeah, yeah...this might be old news but it is sure the news for the future and not the past ok?? Why you ask? Because this event showcase the Mobile devices in the very soon future (specifically this year!)

If you have not heard about MWC, do check out their website at Its a yearly event which was held in Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona would be the MWC Capital until year 2018. This year it was from 27 February to 1 March where all the Big Brands and Ivy League comes display their flagship devices. Entries to the exhibition only event for visitor cost Euro 699! (equals to RM2,800++!) @.@! If you wanna go next year 2013, better start saving right now! I am sure all the Mobile Magazine would be running their articles on which is which and who the best in show this year. All I know Mobile World Magazine Malaysia has been covering the event throughout and be sure on the lookout for their next issue very soon.

As for me, surely I REALLY wish to attend at least ONE time! The Android booth actually was giving out Ice Cream Sandwich with Smoothies to its visitors! Talking about Unboxing the Ice Cream Sandwich! WoW!

Two Ivy League players from China namely LTE and Huawei is making their presents really felt among the Big Players in the Mobile Industry. Huawei also bought in a Pegasus constructed from 3,500 smartphone just to be display at the event entrance! These brand names were practically unknown to the Western world. The Pegasus draws a huge visitor to its booth. I guess this is their year and surely is the Year of Android. Android tabs and smartphones were very big at the event. Microsoft also make a huge impact showcasing their upcoming OS Windows 8 at their Consumer Preview event.

Samsung draws a huge crowds too with it's "Beam". During the event Samsung was name Device Manufacturer of the Year, Best New Mobile Handset/Device or Tablet at Mobile World Congress 2012 goes to Nokia 808 PureView and Best Mobile Tablet goes to Apple iPad 2. For a complete list click here

DSLR junkie expect to be ass kick by Nokia 808 PureView this year. The Camera at the back of this Monster Brand is CRAZY! Angry Birds Lovers sweat not, Angry Birds Rio won Best Mobile App for Consumers this year and as expected Samsung Galaxy S2 won Best Smartphone.

Guess what phone I got recently? :p

Just a mid-range smartphone to start off my Android Dream! :)

Ok, now who wanna sponsor me to MWC 2013 next year? :D

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