Stumbling on the Road

What matters in the workplace that the bosses trust me enough to give me more tasks instead of giving me less to do. From the bosses point of view that reliability, trust and respect to me to get the job done. Colleagues on the other hand, come second because in an organization, every single person that the bosses employ does not necessary agrees with each other work style, opinion and beliefs. In an organization, work needs to be done according to what the bosses instructed us to do. Sometimes, personal agenda and opinion comes into the pictures and mess things up. Yeah, I admit this might be unintentional and I myself might be involved without any intentions to make anyone working lives miserable around me. Its not about personal victories or triumph over the others. Its more about common sense accompany with the proper knowledge to handle a task or situation. If you see a huge wave coming from the horizon, would you be prepare to run on your feet or just stand there and wait for it to hit you and reliased that its too late? Sometimes things cannot be avoided, sometimes things do not go our way and just sometimes things might be too personal for us to properly handle it. This world runs on orders and structure which was laid out even before we are born. Our parent teaches us about rules, orders and structure from the very first day we are born. I am not talking about being a robot and follow every rules and regulation that is out there. I am talking about using your brain to think it thru and be aware of your surroundings. Sometimes I get stupid question from a Senior Executive asking about a particular task which would put her/him to shame. I also don’t have much tolerances for people who doesn’t read or perhaps write few sentences without saying its just too hard work. I mean come on, reading and writing is hard work? Then what about manual labor? Excuse me? Yes, we got our high education so that we don’t have to do manual labor but instead using just simple words which is so much easier! Agree? Of Course it’s true! Why would you want to learn how to read and write if you are not going to write or read anything whatsoever at all? Yes, different people with different abilities have different needs. Sometimes we listen, we read or we write. I will admit listening is easier that reading. Listening is faster because every single word is read out loud for you to hear. But how much information you can grab from that especially if it’s too technical? Watching documentaries on a TV is another perspective. We see it, we learn much faster and we can grab the message that being convey easier. If you get involved directly, that telling your brain to store all those information that you learn under long term memory category.

So, be grateful of what you learn in your lives today. As everything that comes your way has a way of coming back to you tomorrow. It might be not immediately relevant to you but it does come around the second time. People get old and might be getting tired to learn a new trick in the book but that’s not a good reason not to learn sometimes useful. I love to write about something or anything that strike me and to make the world a better place to live in. I love to read too, it’s a gift that I can know everything inside a book full of words. Looking at pictures speaks so much more, but it’s just for relaxation. At least in my opinion, viewing a photo create memories too about something or someone. Photo and picture is a capture moment and so are the videos. They are freeze at a particular moment to remind us that this world is simply wonderful. So, the final question is what are you going to do about that task in hand now? What is the necessary and what is unimportant in your life right now? Do you need to know your full job responsibility and description? Do you indirectly embarrass yourself with petty things that you should already know for yourself? Do you know what are you actually doing or just stumbling around? Ask yourself and maybe you can get the answer. Instead of just plain stumbling on the road along the way.

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