My Blog Giveaway is here!

Hi there!

Are you dreaming of winning one of these goodies?

An OPI Nail Polish?

A Mini Camera Keychain?

Just write a post about this give away in your blog (You must have a blog). The title of your blog will be “Giveaway from Margaret Glenn's Blog” and also answer the question below. Email me your blog link and answers by 30th June 2012. My email address is on the sidebar.

The winner with the most number of correct answers get to choose either the OPI I Pink I Love You Nail Polish or the Mini Camera Keychain. Whoever can answer the Bonus question correctly gets another mystery prize!

If you ever get stuck with any of the question, just read my blog. It's all right here on my blog...:D

Main Question:

1. I attended the Sabahan Bloggers Gathering in 2009. What costume did I wore?
2. What is my favourite Handbag brand?
3. What is my inner animal?
4. What food did I declare as my every Sunday Morning Breakfast?
5. What kind of makeup cosmetic do I use?
6. Who is my favourite Dutch Artist?
7. What Operating System Distribution is on my current laptop?
8. Who is my current broadband line carrier?
9. What animal do I belong in the Chinese Animal Year?
10. I was "Star Struck" when I attended an event at 1Borneo Hypermall on  6th November 2010. What is the name of the event?

Bonus Question:
What was the Voucher Number that I won to attend the 4th Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival 2010?

If you are not living around Kota Kinabalu area. Prize collection would on your own accord basis. Appoint someone who can collect the prize in Kota Kinabalu City Area in case you are one of the winners.

Good Luck and Cheers! :D


Sherrie Pui said...

That's a lot of questions!

chegu carol said...

woweee GA! i try2 la also...who knows can win that OPI :D

Wyne @ Mouren Mauve said...

Okie, this is tough but no harm to try. :P

Margaret said...

Sherrie: Does not necessary to know them all. Give it a try :)

Chegu Carol: I know you want that OPI...teehee

Wyne: Just need a bit of blog reading :) Good Luck!

Mas Light said...

Saya mahu tu keychain! XD;;;

Margaret said...

Mas: This mini camera keychain makes realistic shutter sounds and flashes a super bright LED light when you press the button. Its not a functioning actual camera but its too cute to be miss! :)

chegu carol said...

uii lucky i read back the entry regulations...i sikit want to post my answer here in comment section.... :)

btw, i will use my nail blog for this GA...alright with ya?

Margaret said...

Chegu: Sure no problem :)

chegu carol said...


Margaret said...

Chegu: Well done! I would be announcing the winner next week! :D

Others: Send in your answers quick! :D

Margaret said...

Congratulation Chegu, you are the Winner! Do check your email for details. Thanks for joining and your support! :)


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