Alu-Alu Cafe - Fresh! Organic! Healthy! Innovative!

Fresh! Organic! Healthy! Innovative!

Thats the Alu-Alu Cafe motto so to speak! For the past four years, Alu-Alu Cafe have been serving innovative seafood dishes at Gayana Eco Resort over the calm currents of South China Sea. Now, Chef Khiong and his team from Gayana bring together their passion and creativity to create a menu using the same fresh organically farmed fish and vegetable. The difference? Dishes are served Chinese-cafe style, simple and affordable. Cooking method ranging from double-boiled, wok-fried with garlic, braised with superior sauce, crab meat sauce or oyster sauce for your choosing pleasures. Alu-Alu Cafe is in collaboration with Borneo Eco Fish and Green-Os.

Meals can be as low as RM10 nett per person (for the general lunch workforce) whereby they can order a soup of their choice with fish fillet/fish head/fish ball etc., inclusive noodles (dry or soup) or with rice.

The cafe is near offices and shopping malls which would surely up to many diners expectation.

Fresh Vegetable from Green-Os is alway served at the cafe without pesticides and insecticides! 

Salted Vegetable & Beancurd Soup (Mix Fish Head): RM25 

Steamed Chicken with Salt (Kampung Chicken): RM45

Fish Ball with Glass Noodle Soup: RM16 

Chinese Herb and Yam Soup (Fish Head): RM25 

Thai Style Ba Jiao Fish Fillet: RM20 

Stir Fried Fish Fillet with Butter Milk Sauce: RM20

 Fish Fillet with Wasabi & Potato: RM20 (A must Try!)

The good food at Alu-Alu Cafe 

 Braised Fish Head with Beancurd in Claypot: RM32

 Organic Bak Choy with Garlic: RM12 (A must Try!)

 Braided Fish Head with Enoki Mushroom & Red Dates: RM32

 Organic Choy Sum with Braised Superior Sauce: RM12

Chef Khiong Assistant 

Borneo Eco Fish do deliver fresh fish to your home too!

Alu Alu Cafe of Gayana Eco Resort (next to Sino-Thai restaurant/Cock and Bull Pub)

Perfect for office lunches too for as low as RM10nett!

Thanks to Dinoza and Symington for the food review invitation.

Alu ALu Cafe
Jesselton Point, Jalan Gaya,
88000 Kota Kinabalu
Tel: 088-380390
Fax: 088 381 390
Business hours: 10.30am-2.30pm/ 6.30pm-10.00pm
For Reservation: 016-817 9515


Wyne Mouren said...

For lunch; it's worth. Must try it and help to promote. Thanks for the info Margaret. ;)

Margaret said...

Wyne: Got even more food on their menu too! :D


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