Introducing New MAGGI Mi Goreng Kari Ori

I was recently invited to attended a press release by Maggi at Giant's Putatan on 14th July 2012. Maggi has been a part of my life since my early childhood. No doubt is very close to my heart.

The Kari flavour is unmistakable. The goodness of wholesome wheat noodles combined with the wok aroma, tasty sauces, and real fried onions takes taste excitement to a whole new level.

MAGGI over the years has delivered great tasting noodles loved by many. The brand continuously strives to deliver irresistible aromas and tantalizing tastes to homes across Malaysia, in doing so unlocking a world of exciting new flavours.

MAGGI believes that Happiness is Homemade and that it is food and homemade cooking that brings families together. The brand needs to constantly raise the bar for mealtime satisfaction helping mothers prepare tasty and balanced meals for their family.

MAGGI has been a part of Malaysia for over 50 years. Its wide range of products are loved across generations, with MAGGI Mi a popular favourite since the days of ‘fast to cook, good to eat.’ Kari has been for the longest time, Malaysia’s favourite noodle flavour. Kari, as many of MAGGI fans put it is, “simply irresistible”.

“The new flavour is made from a unique blend of spices and also comes with a garnish of real fried onions to give a sensorial experience like no other. We wanted to give Malaysians a chance rediscover and reconnect with their love and passion for Kari a quintessential Malaysian flavour” said Rosalyn Simba, Head of the Nestle Malaysia Food Business Unit.

To celebrate this new launch MAGGI invited media teams to take part in an experiential cook-off contest that put their cooking skills to a test.

“Through the cookout session, the teams showed how simple it is to prepare a tasty yet wholesome meal with the new MAGGI® Mi Goreng. We wanted to show not only the versatility of MAGGI® Mi Goreng, but also its unique appeal across cultural backgrounds that makes it a truly Malaysian favourite,” Rosa Simba added.

Staying true to its promise of offering great taste and variety, MAGGI also announced the launch of Mi Goreng Cili Lazat and HotCup Goreng Cili Fiesta.

A promise to take taste buds to a whole new sensorial experience.

 Rosalyn Simba, Head of the Nestle Malaysia Food Business Unit

Mi Goreng Kari Ori 

Mi Goreng Cili Lazat

MAGGI Mi Goreng is available now across Malaysia with an introductory price of RM 3.20 per multipack of 5 for a limited time only.

Rediscover your favourite Kari flavour in Goreng.

True to its words, with Maggi, Happiness is Homemade!

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