Sabah International Folklore Festival 2012: China won again!

I am at awe for the 7th Sabah International Folklore Festival 2012 which was recently held on 14th-15th July 2012 at the Sabah Cultural Centre, Penampang. It was my first time attending this magnificent event. While others were in KL attending a world famous event, I was watching the world performing right here in Kota Kinabalu! Listening and watching every dance move live made by each country was simply priceless! I get to see the famous traditional dance by each country without having to go there. The 18 countries who participate in this event are Brunei, Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste, Thailand, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, Kuwait, Egypt and Nigeria. China won the Prime Award again this year for their Chilies Dance and Water Marriage Dance. Everyone knows China is world famous for their acrobatic dance moves! While all those traditional folklore dance from each country are very unique and beautiful in their own way indeed. I even heard my mum said “Why is India not participating? Their traditional dance are World Class!”. I do hope India would join next year perhaps? I can dream ok?  The team from Finland also performed their best at the event in my opinion. You have to see them dance to fully appreciate their dance moves. There was also this Exorcism dance performed by South Korea which pretty much scared the wits out of me.

Here are some of the photos I took during the event. Do enjoy! ^_^

By Kazakhstan 

By Poland 

By Thailand 

By South Korea 

By Papua New Guinea 

By Nigeria 

By China 

By Sri Lanka

For your information, this festival is held yearly by the Sabah Cultural Board. So do watch out for the annoucement next year in newspaper if you want to watch and enjoy this event. 

Lastly but not least I want to thank Breeze Magazine for the Media Entry invitation. 


de engineur said...

Cool shots there! I attended both nights to see as much of what's offered as possible.

Difficult to get decent shots in tricky lighting condition so, but I tried doing the winning troupe from China, and the parade in the city earlier.

Margaret said...

de engineur: Thanks for visiting. You have a quite a few fabulous photos of the event too! :D


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