Generation Gap Part 2

My own thoughts and redress on the difference generations.

There is not such information on the Lost Generation. They were the ones who fought the World War 1 and died disproportionately. They were the ones that debated as the elite generations. Many believed they were the nations best and where many notable poets were robbed. We can only read about them in memoirs, poems and in their works of art. Perhaps, that is the only place we can learn about them?

The Greatest Generation are those veteran who went and fought in the World War 1. At that time, lots of inventors, thinkers and great mind were coming of age. It was also the time of the Great Depression. In my opinion, they were the ones who jump start the world population after the World War 1. The timeline for these generation is still very unclear and much debated. There were also a lot of famous figure during that timeline. I think we can see them reborn in the current Generation Y but very much modified somewhat?

The Silent Generations were the ones who was born during the Great Depression. They were better educated and without war interruption. Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Marilyn Moore and James Dean was also born in these times. Also known as the Artistic Generation and has been justified by the lack of influential political leaders born into this generation. I guess Rock n' Roll rules?

A baby boomer are those born after the World War II baby boom. They were also the ones who reject original traditional values and redefined it. They were rich, active and physically fit. Does this means they were the ones who live longer till today? They reap a lot of benefits and tended to think of themselves as a special generation. Also known as the Yuppies, Generation Jones and quote as Babies Means Business by Newsweek in 1948. They control most of the financial assets, medication and leisure travel privileges. Grew up during a dramatic social changes, less tied to tradition and experience first hand with TV. Some Baby Boomers are in a state of denial regarding their own aging and death and are leaving an undue economic burden on their children for their retirement and care. When Generation X came along it had much to live up to and to some degree in the shadow of the Boomers, sometimes compared and/or criticized (‘spoiled’, ‘whiners’ and ‘the doom generation’) than not. Is it the reason that I was always been scold and cane like no body business a lot during my younger days by my parent even though I did my best?

Generation X or Gen X and notably which was during my timeline. Some said its the Unknown Generation and always very enthusiast about own talent in which seemingly without identity, who face an uncertain, ill-defined (and perhaps hostile) future. Is that why my parent was so worried about me doing well in school, getting a job and having a stable career? There was also a drop in birth rates because the baby boomers worried would Gen X got into drugs, unwanted teen pregnancy and contribute to the rise of the Aids epidemic which was growing at that time. When compared with previous generations, Generation X represents a more heterogeneous generation, exhibiting great variety of diversity in such aspects as race, class, religion, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. I don't even know about what is “sexual orientation” because my parent “never” have the talk about it. Talk about being clueless and stupid even until I realized what is it all about. There are also reports that said Gen X are highly educated, active, balanced, happy and family-oriented. True enough and I can't denied that report though. There is also debate over when Generation X ends and Generation Y begins. And there is the Generation Flux who need to make several changes in career throughout their working lives due to the chaotic nature of the job market following the 2008–2012 current global financial crisis. Societal change has been accelerated by the use of social media, smartphones, mobile computing, and other new technologies. Those in "Generation Flux" have birth-years in the range of Generation X and Generation Y. I do feel like I am in the middle generation sometimes and is it that the reason of what I do that I do?

The Millennial Generation or Generation Y. The current global financial crisis has had a major impact on this generation because it has caused historically high levels of unemployment among young people. Some say Millennials belong to the Hero category, featuring a deep trust in authority and institutions; being somewhat conventional, but still powerful. I guess our nation hero Dato' Lee Chong Wei who was born in this particular timeline speak for itself? They are heavily dependent on team work, and thus, when they come of age, turn into the heroic team-working young people of a Crisis. In their middle years, they become the energetic, decisive, and strong leaders of a High cycle; and in old age, they become the criticized powerful elders of an Awakening cycle. Another previous generation that belongs to this category is The Greatest Generation. I think thats why they said greatness skips a generation or is it? China don't even have Generation Y because of the rapid changes in that country during that time. Also known as the MTV Generation and a personality surveys that showed increasing narcissism among this generation compared to previous generation. The Millennials are sometimes called the "Trophy Generation", or "Trophy Kids," a term that reflects the trend in competitive sports, as well as many other aspects of life, where mere participation is frequently enough for a reward. It has been reported that this is an issue in corporate environments. There are findings included high expectations for advancement, salary and for a coaching relationship with their manager, and suggested that organisations will need to adapt to accommodate and make the best use of Generation Y. Millennials assertively seek more feedback, responsibility, and involvement in decision making. After the performance, employees discuss and debate the generational differences they have seen played out. This scenario does not apply to our national hero though. As a group, Generation Y are said to be much closer to their parents than their parents' generation, the Baby Boomers were. Most Millennials also claim that the older generations had better morals. They are less likely to get married early and just want to do it right the first time and the same thing with their careers. Most owned a computer, a handphone and a MP3 player when they are still a student. I don't even owned all such things during my school days. One of the more popular forms of media use in Generation Y is through social networking. In one published research claimed that students who used social media and decided to quit showed the same withdrawal symptoms of a drug addict who quit their stimulant. Generation Y'ers never truly rebelled against their parents, unlike prior generations, often enjoying the same music, movies and products as their parents. Generation Y grew up in a time of great change in the music industry, and does not have a discernible sound unlike recent generations. I sometimes too confuse whether I belong to this Generation Y instead.

Generation Z or Internet Generation (I Generation), they are mostly the generation that have spent their entire lives with the World Wide Web. Generation Z is highly connected, as many of this generation have had lifelong use of communications and media technologies such as the World Wide Web, instant messaging, text messaging, MP3 players, mobile phones and YouTube. They are the Digital Natives and carried the technologies in their pocket. They share information fast, furiously and at a rapid pace, sharing thoughts, observations on a variety of media, topics and products. Generation Z entered active life during the great recession. As economic times were good, many Generation Y & Z members did not fear anything because they thought no failure would be able to harm them. Is this the reason they lack the fear and the common sense now? Many companies finds them difficult to manage because they were looking primarily after their own individual pleasure than the company objective. If the company did not provide them what they were looking for, they changed. Generation Z members started active life in a different economic reality and as a result, they are more likely to accept unpleasant things from their management. However, this of cause has to relate to difference social background and religion.

Generation AO, the Always-On Generation (or Gen AO), where their lives have been influenced since their early childhood by connectivity afforded by easy access to people and the world’s knowledge through the Internet. A survey of 1,000 experts found that the generation brought up from childhood with a continuous connection to each other and to information will be nimble, quick-acting multitaskers who count on the Internet as their external brain; the experts also predicted Gen AO will exhibit a thirst for instant gratification and quick fixes, a loss of patience and a lack of deep-thinking ability. They are still pretty young nowadays as the oldest might be around 12 to 15 years old I guess? There is no doubt that their brains are being rewired and hyper connected as in "alway on". It is still early to say how this generation will turn out in the future. They easily find distraction while working, distraction while driving and distraction while talking to the neighbours. Surveys and research is still in progress regarding this generation, so there not much to predict how and what they will make in future.

Source: Wikipedia & Elon University  

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