Generation Gap

First of, I am going to show you some generations of people.

Lost Generation born between 1883 to 1915. They fought in World War 1.

The Greatest Generation born between 1916 to 1924. A time of great inventors and thinkers.

During the Great Depression and World War II (birth rates drop)
Silent Generation born between 1925 to 1945
Generally recognized as the children of the Great Depression

The Baby Boomers born between 1946 to 1964
They fight for changes and redefinition of traditional values

Generation X (Gen X) aka Baby Busters born from the early 1960s to the early 1980s.
Describe as The unknown generation. Seemingly without identity, who face an uncertain, ill-defined (and perhaps hostile) future.

Eighties babies
Generation Y aka Millennial Generation born between 1983 to 1989
"Extremely close" to their parents". Grew up in a time of great change in the music industry.Heavily dependent on team work. They reflects The Greatest Generation.

Generation Z aka Generation I or Internet Generation born 1990 to 1999
Spent their entire lives with the World Wide Web. Highly connected, as many of this generation have had lifelong use of communications and media technologies. Born completely into an era of postmodernism and globalization.

Generation AO, the Always-On Generation or Gen AO born between 2000 to date
Exhibit a thirst for instant gratification and quick fixes, a loss of patience and a lack of deep-thinking ability

The debate on the definition of these generations is on-going, so don't take my post as a final definition. Looking at this list of generations, I belong in the Gen X. In which is saying the "Stupid Generation" O.M.G!! (my own words). It make sense why I always feel stupid during my younger days! >_<! LOL!

Source: Wikipedia


Vibrantkitty said...

Interesting post. I'm twirling my mind about what comes next.

Margaret said...

Read my next post, more details and some of my thoughts :)


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