My Lucky Streak!

Last month July was one month that I shall never forget. I had a whole list of lucky streak! First of, the 4 tickets I won to watch the movie Spiderman from Then comes the McDonald's Olympics Coca-Cola Full set of Glasses. After that, I won Mos Pit passes to the watch the Rockfest Festival with a Macbeth T-shirt also from Then I won an awesome Linkin Park: Living Things CD from the Cruisers with photo taken too. Later I won a big prize of a Acer Iconia Tab A200 from the Webcamp I attended. Its does not end here, I go and won another awesome prize from The Samsung Galaxy Spin! I am breathless just by telling you all this :D. I also got a bunch of food review invites and attended a few events that I really enjoy and find interesting!

I am super Happy with my big prize actually because that was the prize I kept on wishing before I attended the Webcamp. Around 1-2 weeks before the Webcamp, I "visualised" myself getting the Acer Iconia Tab home from the Webcamp, watching it lay by my passenger side car and driving home. When the actual day comes, I visualised my name being called out to receive the prize of the tablet. True enough, my name was being called out and all that I dreamt of did ACTUALLY came true!

I have my own 7" Samsung tablet, but its not big enough for me to play games properly. Now that I have a 10" tablet, I can play them without much fuss. My 7" tablet becomes my ebook and the 10" tablet becomes my game console :D. I bought the 7" tablet early this year and can't get a 10" tablet to try it out. So, now I dont have to even buy one! ^_^V

How did I do it you ask?? Well, the keyword is "VISUALLISED"! Yes, all you need is telling yourself that "You already have it" and "Be happy about it". I have alway use this techinque for just finding a parking space during peaks hours at prime area when parking space is hard to come by and you know what? Sure enough, right there a car was coming out from a parking space lot after around 3 minutes of searching! ^_^V I am sharing this information, so that everyone can benefit from this and do the same when you find yourself having the same lucky streak.

Have a nice weekend. Cheers! ^_^V

Some photos from my lucky streak :)

Acer Iconia Tab A200 

Linkin Park: Living Things CD 

Macbeth T-Shirt
McDonald's Coca-Cola Olympics Glasses

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