Precise Pangolin Indeed!

Its has been a while since I wrote about the system I am using on my laptop which is Ubuntu. If you have been following my blogpost, I have previously install the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS in 2011. Well, guess what? I have finally upgraded to version 12.04 LTS which I have delayed since April when it was released! I have to tell you that it's ROCK SOLID and I am loving it! I made a couple of mistakes while trying to do the installation on the first two times, but it was perfect on the third time after I corrected it. All within just 1 day I got my system running like a DREAM! If any of you still have huge doubt in Ubuntu, I strongly suggest you give it a try and experience the system for yourself first hand. You will find yourself enjoying your PC or Laptop a whole lot better. It has been a rewarding experience to me since day 1 I have it on my laptop. Instead of using the Microsoft Windows system, I have free myself from all the headache of using it infinitely! I also install a bunch of software which I need thus making my experience much more happier than ever.

Inside the current LTS version, Canonical has loaded the Unity 3D by default, which I find somewhat an just ok thing to me. I still like Gnome 3 a lot better although not perfect like the previous version. I am still able to enjoy all the good old stuff that the previous version I had on 10.04 LTS though, so that is no problem in that. There is another distribution that I have tried which is Linux Mint a while ago, it came loaded with Gnome 3 by default. Its a great distribution, however I don't want change my option because I have settle myself using Ubuntu for now. I find the Unity 3D sidebar in Ubuntu rather “cute” perhaps? :D I don't know what it is but it just look “cute” to me. Canonical also announce that they are working on intergrating Android in Ubuntu and that great news to me! I saw their demo video on Youtube and I find it simply amazing I tell you!

On another note, I finally found a way to broadcast my Digi internet broadband from my Samsung Tab to my Acer Tab, laptop and handphone too! Yeah! Talk about maximising the benefit, although that really drained out my Samsung Tab and Digi broadband quota though! :DD. I am also addicted to the TV show “Extreme Couponing” on TLC! Geez, I wish Malaysia have that kind of thing. I love how they are able to save up till 100%! Wow! Simple amazing! :D The show also teached me the trick on how to save more money and plan my purchases properly. Everyone should learn something from this amazing TV show though and with this I end my post here with a screen shot of my newly upgraded Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

Till my next post then, have a nice week ahead. Cheers!

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