The Burger Bakar Heat Wave is getting HOT!

The latest heat wave seems to hit KK real hard. It's the Burger Bakar wave actually. This humble little stall started selling their special homemade beef burger patty sometimes ago but not alot of people knew about them. The latest food outing with my fellow bloggers was like bus load that came in to hit this little stall and the queue seems to jump to great height since then.

Ok, lets me introduce to some of the heavyweight before you sink your teeth into them.

1. Titanic Burger @ RM8.00 (option with cheese or black pepper add RM1.00)
2. Salsa Chic (Chicken) @ RM8.00 (with cheese add RM1.00)
3. Taj Mahal @ RM8.00 option with cheese or black pepper add RM1.00)
4. Angry Bird @ RM7.00 (with cheese add RM1.00)
5. Double Six @ RM13.00 (with cheese add RM1.00)
6. Lava Gunung Kinabalu @ 18.00 (with cheese add RM2.00)

We were also introduce to another heavyweight among the heavyweight and its called the Ultimate Full Blast Lava Gunung Kinabalu @ RM34.00 (include 5 beef patties, bacon & cheese) That was ONE GIANT MONSTER BURGER! Feast your eyes and don't let it drop because you will need that when you visit this stall.

The Burger Bakar Menu

No worries! Hygienic Food preparation with Mask and Gloves!

Standing here watching his guy pouring that juicy sauce on that burger? oh man! I can't wait!

Will you just look at that BURGER?!

More fresh beef and chicken patties on the Grill! Wow, BBQ heaven!

Blogger Calista here posing with one the Owner of Burger Bakar and you can't miss their iconic banner!

Taj Mahal - Taste awesome! You just have to come here and bite this one yourself!

Salsa Chic - I won't mind coming for a second round

Angry Bird - Hey those fan out there! This could be just right at your alley

Glorious Double Six - Ok, pick up those eyes of yours and come sink your teeth into this instead ok?

Lava Gunung Kinabalu - Now, now, its not nice to oggle and come sit down and prepare for the feast!

Ultimate Full Blast Lave Gunung Kinabalu - Hey, where did your eyes goes? Drop it didn't you?

The Giant Burger being cut into half - Erm...nevermind leave your eyes on the ground and come have a giant feast here!

I hope I make you super duper hungry now! :DD KK Burger Bakar is located at the open food court next to Tanjung Aru Plaza, Kota Kinabalu. For more info surt over to their FB Page here. You can even place an order for the burger of your choice before you arrive at the stall. Do drop a line to Ayu of Burger Bakar @ 016-8380065 at least an hour early. You might have to bear with the queue if you didnt pre-order your burger. Have a mighty feast while you are there! :)


Alv0808 said...

I'm drooling..will go there soon. Thanks for the sharing

Margaret said...

@Alv0808 Thanks for dropping by. Yes, do visit them soon! No regrets :)

Meitzeu said...

This make me crave for burgers!!


Margaret said...

@Meitzeu Make sure you satisfied that crave with some lovin KK Burger Bakar! :D

Aemy Nadira said...

i ate it for the 1st time during UMS tamu gadang. and yeah it's super delish! i wanna eat it again! ^^

Margaret said...

@Aemy: Thanks for dropping by and giving your comments. I am sure the KK Burger Bakar owner would welcome you back anytime :)


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